Saturday, April 24, 2010

Round 6!! Baker's market

For the upcoming baker's market on April 24th, we are proudly bring back old favours while also presenting new line ups.


Fougasse Provencale
Originated from Provence France, but is making it's away to the baker's market this saturday
The wonderful aroma of herbs, olive and onions will instantaneously make your mouth water

Sesame Swirl Toast Bread
Mocha Swirl Toast Bread
Bring back an old favorite. The colourful swirls packs wonderful aroma of sesame or mocha.
Both make wonderful golden brown toast that has the right amount of crunchiness but still soft inside

Banana Cinnamon Buns
VIP of all cinnamon buns with chunks of bananas tossed together with spicy cinnamon. 
You can't miss it if you are a true cinnamon bun lover


Key Lime Chiffon Cake
Soft, moist and OMG flavorful will not be the only words popping into your head once you have a taste of this wonderfully fragrant fluffy cake 

Caramel Apple Tart
Is coming back bigger and better! 
Think old fashion candied apple with added texture of puff pastry that is crunchy and full of wonderful flavors .

Pear Tart
Juicy pear on top of flaky tart is the perfect companion to treat yourself to a nice afternoon tea/coffee.

Everyone's favor buttery almondy concoction

Caramel almond 
Perfectly caramelized outside and toasty almond inside

Crunchiness comes in strawberry jam or sesame flavor

Lemony Cream Cheese Cookies
The freshness of lemon works well with mild cream cheese

Chocolate Crackles 
Power to chocolates

Coconut Pyramid

Pyramid made of coconut goodness

Hope to see all of you there!! 

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