Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baker's Market this Saturday~11am to 3pm

Lovely weather today, Hoping it will continue onto this Saturday where we debut Or re-debut in Baker's Market.  Seems like there's even more bakers during the fall/winter season compared to spring season.

We'll be featuring many fall flavors such as apple, kabocha (my favorite winter squash or otherwise known as Japanese pumpkin) and other classics.

Finger crossed for the weather to be dry so batches of Macarons would turn out! Finicky little cookies needs  a good weather day~

Still have no idea what to dress for this upcoming market, it's supposedly Halloween theme...
Maybe dressing up in all orange will be a natural looking pumpkin for me but sadly I lack cloth in orange.
Enough mumbling...time to get ready~

Baker's market Sat Oct. 30th, 11am to 3pm

408 East Kent Avenue South
Vancouver, BC
V5X 2X7
Unit 115 - Enter through the back door