Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Market May 8th!

This is going to be the last baker's market!
Happy Mother's day for all those who are a mom or know a mom and moms.

This is a preview of what is going to be in the draw basket
A lovely Gateau Chocolat for the winner to enjoy

Menu for Mother's Day Market:


Fougasse - For those who hasn't had the taste of this delicious bread full of olive, onion, herb seasoning, it's a must! This makes a great meal bread and goes with all sorts of dishes or if you just want a simile lunch, this goes great with soup as well.

Banana Cinnamon Buns - This cinnamon will make you a true cinnamon buns addict

Grand Marnier Orange Chiffon Cake  - For those who wants something light but not too sweet
& Citrus Chiffon Cake - For those who loves the complexity of citrus flavors
Both  Chiffon Cake are full of flavor but super fluffy in textures and light on the sweetness

Florentine - This almondy buttery concoction is something you wont stop at just one

Pear Tart - Poached pear on tops of frangipane and puff pastry will definitely be a after meal dessert favority.

Caramelized Almond - Toasted to perfect as well as coated with caramel. Better to get more than one or try to guard your almonds

The D Bar - Truly Delicious and healthy with tons of dried fruits and nuts as well as oats, you will declare this as your favorite wholesome bar


We are bring 2 new flavors for Mother's Day Market

Mango Pear Brioche Pie - This amazing brioche pie is filled with fragrant pear and covered in mango sauce.
Fruit Brioche Pie - Fruit Brioche is filled with yummy apricot, fig, plum and banana.

Both will be a staple for your everyday or sunday only brunch

SEE You All there! On May 8th at Baker's Market!

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